4 reasons to advertise your tenders

1. Increase competition
• Tens of thousands of quality suppliers matching your purchasing criteria
• Develop and create your own database of local suppliers for all types of purchases
• Develop and create Vendor Panel arrangements for off-contract purchasing

2. Improve supplier engagement
• Communicate and interact faster
• Supplier compliance records management
• Supplier-driven database management

3. Evaluation tool
• The Tenders Online evaluation tool uses the ACEA Weighted Matrix System which was developed by the Assosication of Consulting Engingeers Australia and is used extensively throughout the State and Local Government sector in relation to tender assessment

4. Facilitating Procurement Best Practice
• Show Probity & Fairness by using our fully-compliant and transparent system
• Accurate management of information and transparent audit trails
• Improved customer service

Key Features

• Tender portal - personalised
• Vendor Management - panels/pre-qual/go-local/quotes set up
• Online advertising of public or selective tender options
• FAQ forum
• Receive bids online via e-Tender box
• Evaluation tool
• Contract management register
• Public display of Awarded Contract information (optional)
• Full metric data reporting and audit trails
• Helpdesk support via 1800 233 996






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